The Shy Presence of HTC at MWC 2016 and Its Future Three-Way

Finished the maelstrom of MWC 2016 many companies have presented their main course for this year, but others are reserved for other times of the year (and even those that have submitted something now, with a second batch of terminals). One of them is HTC, whose presence we’ve seen in the Fira but with a divided and refocused stand.

This has not stopped surprise, either because of the duality of his presence (with an absolute role of the live HTC) or even by the same, since there was more pessimistic voices that pointed to that not even appear for the MWC. But it was not so, HTC was not to present its top of the range but to remember their fields of work, a triple line that since the company reminds us, finer points that we have not seen the latest flagship of HTC or much less.

This death is very much alive

A few months ago the company run by Cher Wang made alarm bells for those who read between the lines when it was announced that there would be more information on the agenda for the company. A communication that came along with a few nothing encouraging results, following the trend that HTC has already for years.

From HTC they flatly deny that no longer going to have more top

Now, however, it you have given us some progress or clarification (within permitted), may have been forced to speak out by these voices more pessimistic that pointed even at that I had already seen the last top of HTC. TechCrunch was asked Drew Bamford, Vice President of Creative Labs (a division of HTC), directly about this and so huge denied it:

No, absolutely not [we have seen the last top]. And indeed should expect his announcement inside of very little.

Range stops line does not die nor did the rest. In fact, on the part of the stand dedicated to smartphones We saw a smaller than old stock but they kept two sections we have seen previously: the phones and wearables, from the hand of the association with Under Armor with the Healthbox package. Among smartphones, the HTC One A9, One X 9 and Desire 530, 630 and 825.

Bamford insisted on the weight of the division of mobile to the company, which has been the main for years until they converged the fact it lost strength and won it the division of virtual reality (VR), whose stand if it was overflowing on a continuous basis in the event. And ensure its presence at MWC, associated with the meetings with the operators on the next generation of phones (M and One Desire).

The confluence of three lines

Following the cryptic determination that the company took about his plans in the medium and long term, what can Yes comment Bamford is the Taiwanese company will advance not on one, but on three fronts, highlighting the VR. A division that aims to be the pull truck given the good sensations that are leaving the lives, of whom we met yesterday its sale price of output in Spain, 899 euros.

I can not say anything about the road map, but you can imagine that […] the logical thing is that we work in more VR products. Products that unite our mobile division and the VR with sense.

Rather than what already talked about Wang in The Telegraph last January, making it clear that the priority area for the company is the VR and in what they are going to focus is to create an environment with every branch of devices in which these products are important.

Yes, smartphones are important, but create a natural extension to other devices such as the wearables and virtual reality is more important.

At the moment what is clear is that there will be no decline of the mobile division this year and that moment not figure in the plans of HTC separate business of the VR in an independent company. Next stop range, the so-called “HTC Perfume” or M10, are seeing alleged leaks pointing to a device less conservative than in the past.

On this terminal is already becoming less to know how will be, as discussed for the month of April. In the pipeline remains to be seen if HTC is finally responsible for building the Nexus (and if the collaboration goes beyond and purchase) and if the Taiwanese finally extend the family of phones with Windows 10.