The Xiaomi My Mix out of China, Although It Remains Far from an International Release

Xiaomi Mi Mix hit really hard from the first moment, to make it clear to us that There are more world apart from this standard format that have States used in mobile devices for years. That surprise as a smartphone ‘without bevels’, stayed in China.

But everything seems to change according to the latest news that we pick up, since it has been available in China since it was unveiled, we will have another country in which Xiaomi Mi Mix can be purchased. The phone will be relisted sometime in the month of March in United Arab Emirates.

First stop, United Arab Emirates

On the cost of my Mix, would come to a approximate price of $815, so although it is available outside of Chinese borders, the money to pay will remain high for a terminal that will be confronted with the flagships of the various companies who will be landing in these coming months.

Xiaomi my Mix is a phone that used ceramics as a material, It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip, 16MP, 5MP front, 4 back camera. 400mAh and has two variants, one of 128GB internal memory and 4GB of RAM, while the other is 6GB and 256GB of internal storage. The latter has some special finishes such as strip gold.

The most curious Xiaomi my mix is that the Chinese manufacturer is already working on the successor of the same, so when he arrived in these parts, we would already have the first leaks of the new. One that will surely fan any disadvantages First, as often happens with these devices that almost seem more an experiment, although in this case successful.