Thus The Renewed Android N Emojis Are Developer Preview

We continue reviewing updates to Android N Developer Preview 2, on this occasion to learn how their new emojis, Since the next version of Android will change design.

The next version of Android Redesigns its emojis to offer a design closer to the Unicode standard design, so we’ll see designs very similar to the WhatsApp, but keeping the minimalist style of Android.

The main novelties of the new Android N emojis is that now all the expressions look front and the emojis of people now have a human appearance instead of yellow drop. Android N also will be the selector of skin tone next to new emojis as the Valencian paella, bacon or expression facepalm along with more new emojis which you can consult in Unicode 9.0.

Below you can see and compare some of the current emojis (left) next to the new emojis Android N Dev Preview 2 (right) to see the design changes.