Trusted Voice: Unlock Smartphone Using Voice Commands

Must be a kids game unlock of a Smartphone: similar to the thoughts of the Google Developer of of Android sounded probably, when they were working on the new version of the mobile operating system. With Android 5.0 lollipop led the Internet Group new ways to unlock your phone the so-called smart locks a. Since users to unlock their mobile companion on demand not only with classical methods such as PIN, password, wiping gesture or fingerprint scanner, but also by body – and face detection. But also the automatic unlocking in trusted locations and nearby devices is possible. Now, Google sets up however again and introduces how Android now discovered police unlocking via voice command.

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Is gradually

Who finds the new feature currently not yet in the smart lock settings of smartphones or tablets, need not worry: Google unlocks the feature referred to as a trusted voice or trusted voice that gradually, so that it can take a little until the new feature on all Android smartphones. The trusted voice is however once available, users need to record only even once her voice, to activate the new feature. Then the Smartphone or tablet can be easily and quickly with the OK Google voice command unlock.


Completely the new function does not come as a surprise however: surfaced already early March 2015 with the distribution of the current Google play services 7 some devices led to selection but only in the language settings of Google search, where more options to configure of the trusted voice are missing.

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Less security

Google the new functionality is enabled but points out that these offer less security than classic Entsperrmethoden such as PIN, password, wiping gesture or fingerprint scanner. Because according to the Internet group can also a person with a similar voice or with a recording of the voice of the owner unlock Smartphone.