Unmasked: These Features Are Hidden In The S6 And S6 Edge

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge curvy brother South Koreans bring two top smartphones with chassis on the market. In addition to the new design and State of the art hardware components, the devices offer many fresh software functions. Some of them are deeply hidden in the system. Our site has tracked down the best secret functions and presents it in the following overview.

S6 & S6 edge: tricks and hidden functions

21 features and tricks Tips & tricks for the S6/S6 edge
Selfie with heart rate monitor
Samsung Selfie fans with the new top smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 edge offers a handy feature. Namely the heart rate monitor on the back of the Smartphone on request serves as a trigger, if the front camera is activated. First keep your finger on the sensor you release to snap a picture. Another new feature allows you to activate the camera button in a Flash. How information in the overview.

Smarter manager on board
owners of S6 and the S6 edge must download any special app data trash and viruses or malware to get rid of the device. The South Koreans provide as standard smart the new manager with only a finger tip, provide order. This makes the system even after the pests scan; the smart Manager protects your data against dangerous phishing attacks. Well done Samsung!

Overview: the best smartphones

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For case
new features to facilitate not only the (Smartphone) life, but help even in dangerous situations. Turn on best SOS messages to a function to send an SOS message fast three times press on the play button to contacts for emergencies. Select in advance, up to four people can be notified. The GPS module is enabled, the device sends not only the message SOS! With a time stamp, but also the GPS coordinates via Google maps.

Galaxy S6 edge: functional display curve

The biggest difference between the two new Galaxy S models consists in the so-called edge area of the S6 edge, also Seitenbildschim called. Many functions can be put on the display curve, about the VIP bar. It’s a quick access to contacts, colour sorting if necessary. On request, the screen even in the appropriate color lights up when you place the device with the screen down on the table, without activating the main display. Learn what still use the edge display makes in the large overview.