Vodafone Responds to Movistar by Launching New Internet Rates

Vodafone has not taken to respond to the flat rate unlimited Internet Movistar launched a few weeks ago. This rates very similar to the telephone operator has launched: Flatrate 3G unlimited and Flatrate 3G unlimited premium.

The Tarifa plana 3 G unlimited It has a monthly fee is €39, although it falls to € 32 if we have a contract with more than 12 euros of monthly consumption. It has no traffic limit, although the browsing speed low 128 Kbps if we exceeded 1 GB of traffic.

The Tarifa plana 3 G unlimited premium It has similar characteristics: low price of 59 euros (or 49 if we have a plan of at least 25 euros per month), and speed to 128 kbps to exceed the 5 GB of traffic.

These rates complement to the existing daily flat rate (6 euros a month more 2.5 per day of connection), flat-rate 3G (limited to 1 GB) and Flatrate 3G Premium (limited to 5 GB).