Without Front Band, without One and without “M”: Thus Will Be The HTC 10 According to The War of Leaks

Perhaps the move to HTC as to take the media attention went well somehow, because after the madness of the MWC presentations ‘ 16 Taiwanese left alone before the media boom so that your next top monopolize it. A terminal that It aims to be different from the above but apparently not only in design, but also in terms of nomenclature.

Today the rumor mill and so-called leaks are pretty well-stocked with input from a few sources and others. Have specifically seen ‘dialogue’ leak between two Twitter accounts with more reliability in terms of information, @evleaks, and @onleaks, which have seen fit to show us so much information on the tab as photographs that apparently will be called HTC 10, and not HTC One M10 as many began baptizing apparently too much in advance.

Neither band nor One

HTC One, as it was initially announced, marked a turning point in the Taiwanese company erecting as his flagship and representing certain beat on the table in terms of what they were capable of launching face aggressive competition. Possibly for this reason they kept naming and added the reference “M” to differentiate the different editions, the first being the M7, followed by the M8 in 2014 and the M9 in 2015.

Do not know if One range will be for One X 9 and the A9 One ending M series or are these the last terminal of this family

A range which in the past year expanding to accommodate terminals on horseback between the mid-range (represented by the Desire) and stop them from range, with One X 9 and One A9, which also introduced new design lines more or less inspired. For this reason, after the revelation of @evleaks (in this case), we do not know if One range will be for this range of phones ending M series or are these the last terminal of this family.

You heard it here first:

“HTC 10 & quot;

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 4, 2016

In this way, together with the Elimination of the band that we mentioned a few weeks ago, HTC would be taking seriously what’s stop being conservative to play the card of change with your next terminal. This makes things more interesting by the fact that the company not achieved the expected results with their last stop range, the HTC One M9, which Yes had maintained the lines of its predecessors.

The filtration of today, thank you

In addition to this figure in relation to the final name of which has been called “HTC Perfume” code, today these two accounts that I indicated at the beginning have given us a good assortment of alleged information on Twitter. On the one hand, @onleaks filtered alleged images of this HTC 10 along with some technical specifications.

— OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) March 4, 2016

On the other hand, @evleaks has encouraged to participate and in response to the tweet from @onleaks enclosing a few renderings also awarded to the next flagship of HTC. In these better appreciated the change in design (given that the photos are somewhat blurry), which mostly occur at the edges, with a considerable bezel, and that Yes, keeping the horizontal band on the back.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 4, 2016

More screen and less lyrics

Some information and others, we can go by us to the idea of what the 10 HTC will be, a pitch that by what we read in 9to5Google may occur finally in May and not in April as it has been commenting on, done is to pray a little more (perhaps to focus on the the HTC lives, expected for April). So, these are characteristics which are awarded at the moment at the top of range of HTC this year:

  • 5.15 inches AMOLED with resolution QHD screen
  • Processor Snapdragon 820
  • GPU Adreno 530
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 12-megapixel back camera (with the same sensor as the Nexus 6 p)
  • USB type-c
  • Fingerprint reader

We will see if all this is confirmed in a few months and, above all, if this time the move of its ship logo out best and the company manages to recover a little with respect to the bad luck that crosses time. A few days ago we saw how they insisted in the survival of the mobile division (along with the virtual reality), it will be interesting to see how left in 2016.