Xiaomi Mi 4 c: a Look at the Internal Components Thanks to the First Teardown

Presented at the beginning of September, Xiaomi Mi 4 c is turning out to be really interesting, considering the excellent processor mounting (808 Snapdragon) and a multimedia sector driven by the great Sony sensor IMX258. Thanks to the guys of IT168, comes the first teardown of the device, dismantled in its entirety in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the components and initial feedback on the degree of repairability.

Despite a decidedly aggressive selling price and plastics, the build quality is still great, the components are well placed within it and also remove the battery does not seem to be overly complicated, although the Terminal is sold with non-removable battery.

Starting from the first six photos, back cover is removed, the lower and upper plate and battery, to extract all the internal components. According to the source who provided to conduct all transactions of teardown, the level of repairability and dismantling was declared very simple, therefore feasible even for those who have some experience with spare parts and components.

Photos to follow shall bring into view the motherboard inside RAM, memory storage, the radio part, all located within a square in a very clean and tidy. Latest photos dedicated instead to the USB Type-C, extracted from the bottom of the device, and the two photographic sensors front and rear, 13 5 Sony Mpxl Mpxl.

A device is incredibly interesting, waiting to be able to offer our full review.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Gets Disassembled

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Gets Disassembled

Source: www.nextpowerup.com