Fitness Apps In The Test: What Is Good For The Smartphone As A Coach?

You feel rusty and flabby and in time the vexing winter fat is soft again the beautiful season of the year? For this you need the Tony place nor jogging in the pouring rain under curses but supposedly: you can train quite comfortable at home! Because fitness apps promise the necessary motivation and appropriate exercises for your personal training goal is to deliver.
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Experts aboard

Our site has tested how well the home gymnastics with five popular apps work. The tester invested up to 13 euros for app, additional purchases and the monthly subscription fee; as a tool, only free weights were allowed. Two real fitness pros helped in assessing the exercises: Rosario Cassara is the HSV handball men’s Athletics coach who 2013 the Champions League title with a win over FC Barcelona grabbed. The second expert, Moritz Klatten, is a successful personal trainer and a well-known fitness expert with prestigious clients: in the past, he made already fit Bundesliga players like Hayley Arslan and trained Jack Culcay, former European Vice Champion in the middleweight boxing. Continue reading “Fitness Apps In The Test: What Is Good For The Smartphone As A Coach?”

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL dual SIM: Beginner Phablet in the practice test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Lumia 640 XL is aimed at all those who want to have it like something bigger and still pay attention to the money. The 640 XL has a good screen with crunchy black level. The resolution is still okay, fonts are represented in quite large. The camera takes good pictures in daylight. The LTE version (Lumia 640 XL LTE dual SIM) costs extra but worth for many surfers, that mobile are much. Best price on the Internet: 99,90 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro of good, large screen stable processing upper shell and battery replace ordinary photos during daylight hours dual SIM memory card slot ready for external Bluetooth keyboards contra no LTE from scarce storage of wide display frame plant photos in low light, moderately satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating (out of 2 reviews) Microsoft has upgraded the Lumia 630: the Lumia 640 in the XL version comes with bigger and clearer screen , double memory, improved primary camera with Flash and a front-facing camera for the first time. Meanwhile, the Phalbet is plus-format in the trade in the iphone 6. Our site shows whether is worth the purchase of the Lumia Phablets. Continue reading “Microsoft Lumia 640 XL dual SIM: Beginner Phablet in the practice test”

The Coolest Bluetooth Gadgets for Your Smartphone

Now speaker, sports shoes or Smartwatch: A device must be today not only functional, but provide also the connection of the Smartphone. Succeed at the most gadgets via Bluetooth pairing in control the mobile companions or read lots of information, such as training. Our site has kept looking for the coolest Bluetooth gadgets. To see what wacky devices may make your life easier, in the overview.

The coolest Bluetooth gadgets for the Smartphone

25 Bluetooth Gadgets To the picture gallery Smartphone lens instead of Selfie-stick
who like to shoot snapshots with the Smartphone and it attaches great importance to good pictures, which should be a handy Smartphone lens get. The light lenses from Sony, as the DSC QX10, and the DSC QX100, are not only appropriate Smartphone lenses, but also strong cameras only lacking a display. Compared with the telescopic rods, they offer numerous advantages: they are using less embarrassing than the silly appearing bar fabric. You waste also not so much space, pose no danger to visitors and art treasures in the Museum and can be easily attached to your Smartphone. In addition to the compact design, flaunt the artificial eyes with many mega pixels and offer numerous options, about the magnification of motifs as well as fish eye and wide angle effects. Continue reading “The Coolest Bluetooth Gadgets for Your Smartphone”

Archos 45 Neon: Cheap Entry-Level Smartphone In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The ARCHOS 45 neon can be operated liquid. With a second mini-SIM card slot using the device, privately and professionally. The battery is large enough, in order to use the phone all day. The image quality of the camera disappointed due to noise and missing details. Pro fun working speed liquid operating dual-SIM of interchangeable and big battery memory card slot order this product at Amazon contra bad camera no LTE heavy satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating (out of 1 reviews) the ARCHOS 45 neon offers for less than 100 euro two SIM card slots (dual SIM), Google’s operating system Android 4.4 kitkat, two cameras, a fast quad-core processor, as well as a big battery. Sounds well initially. But where does the manufacturer cuts? Our site has the entry-level Smartphone in the detailed practice test out with surprising results. Continue reading “Archos 45 Neon: Cheap Entry-Level Smartphone In The Practice Test”

Dell Venue 8 7840: Test Of The Super Sharp Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Dell Venue 8 7840 is also one of the best tablets of the 8-inch class. It boasts a great screen, works fast and offers decent facilities. Two shortcomings but prevented a (still) better overall score: the battery life is pretty short and missing the device for mobile surfing techniques such as LTE and UMTS. Order this product at Amazon Pro good image quality long battery life thin and lightweight design rear cameras for measuring of objects memory of expandable ac with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 suited contra something slow paced maximum brightness too low now write a UMTS or LTE version unavailable test note of Editor 2.91 satisfying user rating so far plays a negligible role Dell in the Tablet area: company was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell underestimated the potential of practical Tablet pcs as well as Intel and Microsoft. And the previous Dell tablets were not bad though, but sluggish sales. Because: innovations it sought in vain, little appealing as the venue of 3000 units were optically, and the performance was rather average as a top. Brings the venue 8 7840 with Android 4.4 now new wind in the Division? Continue reading “Dell Venue 8 7840: Test Of The Super Sharp Tablets”

Only 15 Euro: Allnet Flat Rate for 12 Months at a Low Price

The new allnet flat by crash contains not only all calls and SMS, but also a generous inclusive volume of 1 gigabyte per month for trips to the mobile Internet. But be careful: the advertised monthly fee of 14.85 euros a month only applies to the first year of the two-year contract. From the 13th month pay users 29,85 per month. Over the entire period, you pay calculated 22,35 Euro. It puts into perspective the special offer: it is certainly not bad just for an allnet Flatrate in the telecom network. But super cheap? Rather not!

Read always the fine print

Not only mobile, but also DSL providers like to advertise in large numbers with very low charges, which are valid for only six or twelve months. Because the contract runs, but usually for two years at some point automatically increases the invoice. Some providers stagger even further and a high discount in the first few months, then it will be only slightly more expensive and no later than in the last year, significantly more ask. Continue reading “Only 15 Euro: Allnet Flat Rate for 12 Months at a Low Price”

Ikea Launches Sale Of Furniture With Smart Charger

Side tables, lamps, Ladepads: with the new range of furniture, IKEA urges the technology market. Wireless charging is the goal of the small charging stations are built into the new furniture. The products in the IKEA houses, as well as in the online shop are available since April 15, 2015. The Swedish manufacturer offers lights and tables, but even small additional Ladepads. IKEA makes it easy to customers who want to buy any new furniture. A charging station extends existing furniture me the loading function.

Karlovy and Riggad charge your Smartphone

In table, desk and floor lamps IKEA has built the Wireless-charging function. A round plus shows the user where the mobile phone must be. In addition to two lamps of series Karlovy designed especially for bedroom and living room appearance after the Swedish furniture company offers also a simple desk lamp Riggad. In a practice test our site has tried image the lamp Karlovy. Continue reading “Ikea Launches Sale Of Furniture With Smart Charger”

Medion P9514 P8911: Handy 8.9-Inch Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Tablets of the 9-inch class like the P9514 P8911 are ideal for on the go and on the domestic sofa. The Medion model has a slightly dark display and a comparatively short battery life; for this, it offers a class facilities and a high pace of work at a price of $199. Best price on the Internet: 145,94 Euro * Pro high image sharpness and color fidelity order this product on Amazon high pace of work memory expandable HDMI and Bluetooth 4.0 infrared counter built relatively high weight a short battery life something dark image rendering moderate cameras test note of Editor 2.22 good users rating now evaluate who swear by one with 7-to 8-inch displays on tablets. These models are lightweight, have bigger screens than smartphones and are still handy. The others rely fully on 10-inch variants: these tablets increasingly replace the notebook, are just fine for the photo or movie playback, but large and somewhat heavy. The Medion P9514 P8911 to combine the advantages of both a 8.9 inch tablet with Android 4.4.4. Continue reading “Medion P9514 P8911: Handy 8.9-Inch Tablet in the Test”

Trusted Voice: Unlock Smartphone Using Voice Commands

Must be a kids game unlock of a Smartphone: similar to the thoughts of the Google Developer of of Android sounded probably, when they were working on the new version of the mobile operating system. With Android 5.0 lollipop led the Internet Group new ways to unlock your phone the so-called smart locks a. Since users to unlock their mobile companion on demand not only with classical methods such as PIN, password, wiping gesture or fingerprint scanner, but also by body – and face detection. But also the automatic unlocking in trusted locations and nearby devices is possible. Now, Google sets up however again and introduces how Android now discovered police unlocking via voice command.

Android 5.0 Lollipop: features, tips and tricks

32 tips Messages, settings, design Continue reading “Trusted Voice: Unlock Smartphone Using Voice Commands”

Cell Phones in 2005: the Mobile Technology Looked Like Ten Years Ago

There is hardly an area developed as rapidly as the mobile market. Who takes a look today at the year 2005 back, smooth believes to see the technology stone age: clamshell phones with 2-megapixel camera, mobile Internet via UMTS and 100 megabytes of internal memory at that time were an achievement and highlights. Considering camera with 10 megapixels and more, mobile Internet via LTE and 128 gigabytes of storage this data conjure highest nor a tired smile on our face.

First Smartphone, but still no iphone

The word Smartphone today an integral part of our everyday vocabulary at the time only experts know. Although there was already such a thing as smart phones with the T-Mobile MDA III or the Nokia Communicator 9500. The first iphone and thus the Smartphone revolution had two more years to wait. Continue reading “Cell Phones in 2005: the Mobile Technology Looked Like Ten Years Ago”