OPPO will Launch a Smartwatch

Oppo can launch a smartwatch very soon. Chinese news daily Cnbeta received insider information from informants claiming to know the company’s plans, and a rendering of the brand’s supposed smart watch was revealed. If the image really is real, the smart Asian future accessory will have circular display and bracelet models in green color, embracing both the current Android Wear standard and colorful options to please customers connected in design.

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CCTV – Remote Access by Phone

Much is said in remote access by cell phone, and this is a feature available in all CCTV systems currently, of course each with your particularity. The big question in the mobile access is that some procedures need to be carried out so that everything works properly. First of all it should be kept in mind that the CCTV system should have first been performed correctly.

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Install Cameras for the Surveillance of Workers

It is very common to find surveillance cameras in stores, businesses of all sizes, not just for safety at the workplace, but for the control of workers. In this document we will try on the aspects the LOPD and surveillance companies in relation to workers. Continue reading “Install Cameras for the Surveillance of Workers”

Mobile Phone Cases – Should I Use One?

You’re going to buy that smartphone you wanted, but you wonder if you should use a cover, or worse yet, find out that it’s all glass, what do you do? Buy or not mobile covers?

Most people use cases on their smartphones, but some people do say that they can damage the device, which is not true.
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Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android, BlackBerry and Palm Pre Are Delayed Until Fall

Android, RIM and webOS (Palm Pre) await the arrival of Adobe Flash 10.1, and unfortunately, even touch them wait. Bad news for the large community of users of smartphones, carrying enough time looking forward to hear something about this plugin. It will not come until the second half of 2010, According to Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO himself has admitted. No comment. Continue reading “Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android, BlackBerry and Palm Pre Are Delayed Until Fall”

Nokia Research Center Teaches Your Pocket Radar

The guys at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki not stop spinning new inventions related to mobility and telephony. Many of them use them daily in our terminals, but others never came out of the laboratories, we will see what happens with that we are concerned with these lines, Mobile Radar. Continue reading “Nokia Research Center Teaches Your Pocket Radar”