What is Abbreviation?

Abbreviation or abbreviation is a shortened version of a word or term. They are often used to convey complex terms or long names quickly and clearly in both speech and text. It is important that the listener or reader understands what the abbreviation stands for or what it means. What is abbreviation and what impact do abbreviations have on SEO ?

Definition Abbreviation

Because this explanation focuses on search engine optimization, we do not distinguish between an abbreviation (part of a word such as etc.) or an acronym (the first letters of words such as KLM). This mainly concerns the use of abbreviations in texts and the influence on search engine optimization. So while the following example is strictly an acronym, we’ll treat this contraction as an abbreviation in the context of this page:

Search Engine Optimization = SEO

Although not everyone will immediately know what the letters SEO stand for, people who are engaged in online marketing will immediately know that it is about search engine optimization. The points are usually omitted, that certainly applies to a search.

Abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization

When an HTML page is optimized for search engines, it is important to take into account the terms that people are searching for. Short search terms are preferred for someone who has to type. Instead of “Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij” one will rather type “KLM”. Pages containing the word “KLM” are therefore more likely to be found. There are two reasons not to use just the main search term:

  1. Excessive use of one term can be seen as “ keywordstuffing” which is not allowed.
  2. By also using other spellings, the page will score better for deviating search terms.

Some abbreviations are so well established that the complete definition has little or no meaning for the reader, when the abbreviation is less known, writing it out in full at least once can provide clarity. Through semantic search, search engines are getting better at linking words that are related to each other. Consider using the same abbreviation for different terms.

All those abbreviations on Social Media

Kids love to use abbreviations and emoji during their digital conversations. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly they mean by that. Part two of the dictionary for social digitized people: abbreviations.

It sometimes seems Chinese when kids tap their friends on social media. This native language full of characters, capital letters and abbreviations is also known as digital language. Although these words often come over from America, digital language is not universal. Many people use the same emojis and abbreviations in different ways. It is therefore possible that you use a word very differently than your child.

Do you know the meaning of these popular abbreviations?

OLM: Parents are reading along

IDK: I don’t know, I don’t know

LOL: Laughing out loud, I’m laughing a lot

JWZ: You know it yourself

OMW: On My Way, I’m on my way

BRB: Be Right Back, I’ll be right back

OMG: Oh My God, Oh My God

​DM: Direct message, a message on Instagram

2Nite: Tonight, tonight

Bae: Babe, honey or honey

BTW: By the way, by the way

G2g: Got to go, I have to go

FYP: For You Page, page on TikTok for virals

RT: Retweet, forward message


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