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YELLOWING: The idea of yellowing appears in the field of journalism. It is the style of those journalists who bet on sensationalism: that is, they try to generate sensations or emotions with the material they present. WORK ENVIRONMENT: Ambience is a term originating from the Latin ambĭens, which means "surrounding". This notion refers to the environment that surrounds living beings, conditioning their life circumstances. STUDENT: Student is a concept that comes from alumnus, a Latin term. This word allows to name the student or the apprentice of a certain subject or of a teacher.
NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: The notion of environment comes from the Latin term ambĭens and is linked to what surrounds something or a context. Natural, meanwhile, is an adjective related to nature. LOVER: Lover is the one who loves. The concept is used to name the things in which love manifests itself. For example: "I am a potato chip lover", "My brother is a true soccer lover: he can watch three or four games in one day". HOUSEWIFE: The woman who does housework is known as a housewife. This is a person who is responsible for developing those tasks that are necessary for the daily operation of a home.
BITTERNESS: The first meaning of the term bitterness mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to the flavor that is perceived as bitter: similar to gall. This type of flavor, if it has a lot of intensity, is not very pleasant. KINDNESS: The term kindness that we are now going to analyze in depth we have to establish that it has its etymological origin in Latin. Specifically, we can expose that it takes as its starting point what is the verb amare. AMBULATORY: Ambulatory is an adjective that is linked to what belongs to or related to the practice of walking. The most common use of the term has its application in the field of medicine and health.


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